Trish Spence

CranioSacral Specialist, Wellbeing Therapist & Yoga Teacher

CranioSacral & Paediatric CranioSacral Specialist

A highly sought after Cranio-Sacral Therapist, with 20 years experience as well as a founding member of the CranioSacral Society; Trish offers expert care and healing to newborns, toddlers, children and adults.

CranioSacral therapy is ideal for those suffering with mental health conditions as well as trauma. The treatment is also excellent in relieving back and neck pain.
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Wellbeing Therapist

Trish has dedicated herself to the pursuit of client-centred treatments that
don't only remedy ailments of the body but also those of the mind and spirit.

All three are connected.

And balance is key to optimal health.

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Yoga Teacher

Trish and her partner, Dale, are the leading Yoga Teachers of Anti Fragility Yoga; a practice focusing on strengthening and developing your capacity from exactly where you are.

Complemented with meditation and breath-work this practice means it's suitable for all ages. No previous experience of yoga is necessary either.

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  • "What a wonderful experience. I came to help with anxiety, which I struggle greatly with. Since my first session I have felt more productive my mood has definitely lifted and I feel more balanced and less anxious!"
  • “A million thankyous for a wonderful craniosacral treatment today. You have the most amazing healing touch and gentle presence. I slept for 4 hours following the treatment and woke up feeling like I'd had a reset”
  • “My son has had three sessions with Trish now and she was fantastic. He’s always calm and happy around her, and his temperament has calmed.
    Now going back for myself for some post-natal wellbeing”
  • “I highly recommend Patricia to anyone who has a really unsettled baby. After just a few sessions with her Amari is a different baby! So much happier and chilled out. A lot less crying and happier to go to others for a cuddle now too! Best thing I could have done and wish I'd found her sooner! Thank you! X”
  • “My son has had three sessions with Trish now and she was fantastic. He’s always calm and happy around her, and his temperament has calmed.
    Now going back for myself for some post-natal wellbeing”
  • “I would highly recommend Trisha. We took our son too her for craniosacral treatment at 3 months old. He became very unsettled on every car journey which was causing distress all round. We had two sessions in total with Trisha. She made us feel comfortable and relaxed and our son was very calm throughout the sessions. Now he is much more settled in general and car journeys are much more relaxed and stress free. We are looking forward to attending her baby touch workshops in the future. Thank you again”
I have always been interested in healing, and as a child I always sought out ways to try and make people feel better; often giving foot and shoulder massages to friends and family. In my twenties I began my professional journey, learning and practicing an energy technique to support and aid healing.

Today, a proud Grandmother, I continue to utilise my skills and training in various healing techniques and treatments to help people feel better in mind and body, ensuring they live their best life possible.

Treating women and babies, I find incredibly special - nurturing a deeper bond between mother and child, or supporting women who’ve undergone pregnancy or birth trauma, through CranioSacral therapy - a unique and powerful therapy I’ve had the pleasure of delivering for over 20 years.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out how I can help you.

Trish x

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Practice locations

Dacrelands, Lancaster
Tuesday 1.15pm to 5pm

Sage & Thyme
126 Ullswater Road, Lancaster

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